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Late December/Winter Happenings - 28/12/2020

Between the time I started working on this site and the present time, there's been quite a bit happening and I'd better mention it here despite the site being majorly under construction:

Taking Out the Trash:
Trash Tape Records is throwing a virtual live festival from January 1st to the 3rd with some of our own, Space Cadet, SnottyDietz (Snottymane and Dietz), Digital Hell, Prism Driver (now defunct) and Joe "Joseph" K along with other artists Aero Gros M, Sun is Poison and Emergency Staircase among others. You can catch the first day's live stream on January 1st at 6:45pm EST here and full setlist times and details here.

birdshit LP2:
Set to release on January 1st is birdshit's second LP "i stayed up all night and saw the sunrise". Tracklist details can be seen on birdshit's Instagram post here.

Tarsal debut full-length
The follow-up LP to Tarsal's "World of Teeth" is currently in production with more details to follow.

As for the site: I'll be continuing to update and fix it as best I can but as for now I still need to complete:
- Adding artist pages
- Adding album/EP pages
- Add a page for news/updates

:)) -june <3


Irony Records is a nonsense music netlabel/shitshow ran out of Muscatine, IA with artists all around the globe making all sorts of random shit idk.

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